When I talk about barefoot shoes, I mean shoes that do not control your movements and where feedback up to the brain is unbroken. This feedback is called proprioception. The brain receives information from the feet so that it can adapt the body's biomechanical load to different sorts of substrates and then transforms the information into a movement pattern. 

A CONVENTIONAL SHAPED SHOE that puts pressure onto your foot can not provide the natural and sensory feedback to the brain. Because you have membranes that squeeze that feedback away. It will be your shoes instead of your feet that control your sense of direction. If you run barefoot or in a good barefoot shoe you never land on the heel - human biomechanics can't do that.

THE FUNCTION OF THE FOOT is to provide a stable base of support and are vital for our balance. Nearly one-fourth of the body's bones are in our feet. And yet we have difficulty maneuvering them like our hands. I believe that the human foot is an evolutionary masterpiece. Allowing yourself freedom to move from your very base, your foundation is a very healthy step towards a holistic lifestyle.