Long-lived and timeless handcraft made in Sweden

Stitched, carved and punched by hand these ergonomical and minimalistic designed moccasins bring a unique story in every step. Locally sourced organically tanned leather, makes the moccasins breathable through all seasons and does not retain sweat or odor. 

Wearable from the concrete city life and at the office, to summer festival dance floors to winter walks in the snow. 

Build upon a philosophy and a dream of a more sustainable future. 

The feet contain ¼ of the body's bones, yet we have difficulty maneuvering them like our hands. The HASEYA moccasin allow the foot to return to its natural position as the shoe does not put pressure from any direction. Read more about proprioception - the awareness of the position and movement of the body.

SHOES WISELY   When I talk about barefoot shoes, I mean shoes that do not control your movements and where feedback up to the brain is unbroken. This feedback is called proprioception. The brain receives information from the feet so that it can adapt the body's biomechanical load to different sorts of substrates and then transform the information to a movement pattern. 

A conventional shaped shoe that put pressure on to your foot can not provide the natural, sensory feedback to the brain. Because you have membranes that squeeze that feedback away. It will be your shoes instead of your feet that control your sense of direction. If you run barefoot or in a good barefoot shoe you never land on the heel - human biomechanics can't do that. 

The function of the foot is to provide a stable base of support and are vital for our balance. Nearly one-fourth of the body's bones are in our feet. And yet we have difficulty maneuvering them like our hands. 
I believe that the human foot is an evolutionary masterpiece. Allowing yourself freedom to move from your very base, your foundation is a very healthy step towards a holistic lifestyle.


Organically tanned leather from traceable, local farms in Sweden. For thousands of years, humans have tanned leather with vegetable matter from the plant kingdom such as bark, from, for example, oak and mimosa. Although globally rare today, these environmentally friendly methods are still practiced at Tärnsjö Tannery. A quality mark that not only ages the leather with beautiful patina, but is also the longest sustainable and most environmentally friendly! 

No heavy metals are used during the process, making the hides, non allergenic, breathable to all seasons and does not contain sweat or odor. 

Thread of waxed polyester, chosen for its quality and long durability.   

Vibram® outsole is chosen for its long lived, high quality and its ability to grip slippery rocks or any ground surface.
Haseya can replace the sole with ease. 

OR Natural rubber outsole (optional at purchase of your moccasins). The raw natural rubber sole is 100% biodegradable. Since raw rubber is capable of conducting free electrons, grounding can be achieved with this material. It may be good to know that raw rubber follows the seasonal temperatures and can become slippery in winter. 

Det finns alltid ett perfekt tillfälle att sätta på mig mina moccasiner, jag har haft dem till stranden och på timlånga vulkanvandringar utomlands. Trots de vassa stenarna syns inga märken mot lädret. Jag har dem på med raggsockar i fjällens vårslask. De passar till och med min bohemiska stil på tillfällen som bröllop."  - Isa

Har ägt ett par mockasiner i ett år nu och tycker att dem är bland de skönaste skorna jag har haft! Mockasinerna har format sig efter min fot och nu känns det nästans som att vara barfota när man sätter på sig dem. Ett otroligt plus är ju också hur råcool jag känner mig i dem."   - Stina 


34 - 22,2
35 - 22,9
36 - 23,5
37 - 24,0
38 - 24,6
39 - 25,2
40 - 25,8

41 - 26,3
42 - 27,0
43 - 27,5
44 - 28,1
45 - 28,6
46 - 29,3
47 - 29,9

PERFECT FIT Since fit is mostly about individual feeling and taste, the only way to determine size is to actually put the moccasins on and walk around with them indoors for a while. Haseya offers the service to add a fitting shoe to make sure your completely satisfied.

TO MEASURE The easiest way to measure your foot is to put it to a wall on top of a ruler. Its always better to go up one size and add an insole if you are unsure.