General care advice

For naturally tanned leather a naturally produced balm is recommended. Avoid products with chemicals or surfactants that can damage the patina. Any natural grease that gives moisture to the leather surface is good, but the general rule is the fatter the balm, the more rarely you need to care the leather. Be aware that the leather will darken slightly. How much depends on what product one uses. If you use a leather oil instead, one should be very sparing as it can saturate the leather.

If necessary, it may be good to wipe the leather from dust and dirt with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Then moisturize with a conditioner on a sponge to avoid the leather to dry out. This protects the leather from stains and wet weather.
First, apply on a less visible surface if you feel unsure.

I recommend products from the
small family company TIP-TOP leather.

- Exposure to direct sunlight will
darken "blonde" colours and pale dark colors.

- Never use leather conditioner on

suede or non-smooth surface.

- Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is
not regularly conditioned.

- Some chemicals and detergents
can damage the surface of leather and fade the colour.

Repair services

Each pair of moccasins are handmade by a single pair of hands, ensuring individual attention is given to every product. Designed and built to be long lived and easy to repair. It is a conscious strategy to offer repairs for the sake of the environment. A pair of moccasins should be an investment, with the means to look at what the price will be over time. 

All moccasins are guaranteed against production defects to no extra cost. Factors such as terrain, weight, and intended use may have an effect on how quickly a product wears. It is natural for handmade leather products to require occasional care and/or maintenance, and variations in appearance and wear should be expected. 

Sole replacement, scratches, scuffs, water damage, and insole replacements occur with normal wear and are not considered defects. 

Pricelist for replacement, due to normal
wear and tear

 1x LEATHER PART                     750 SEK 
2x LEATHER PARTS                1 250 SEK 

VIBRAM                                     650 SEK
RAW RUBBER                            720 SEK

Shipping costs included on repair cases 
exceeding 1000 SEK.